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Why Radio?

Community-based radio is a long-standing tradition in America. One of the most effective forms of media, radio is informative, entertaining, and personal in its scope. Our product is your message, plain and simple. If you have something to announce to the world, radio is the most effective way to do it. Whether you want to make the public aware of your expertise on a certain topic or to let them know about an upcoming holiday sale, radio advertising carries your message directly to their home, business or automobile. Radio advertising is always current, readily updated, and suitable to a variety of needs.

When you use radio to advertise you will:

Reach your audience in a variety of ways, throughout the day.
Americans spend an average of three hours a day listening to radio. Whether they are at home, in the car, at the office, or listening online, radio is a constant in their on-the-go lives.

Send a more personal message.
With radio advertising you can create a more intimate relationship between your business and the listening audience. Your message will be sent out the way you want it – personalized and directed at your desired audience.

Create a cost-effective advertising campaign.
Because minimum time and expense is spent in producing a radio advertisement you are able to get the most “bang for your buck” when compared to television or print costs.

Deliver a more creative and persuasive message.
An effective radio advertisement generates interest, commands attention, and will help drive potential candidates to the front door of your business.

Get Results!
Radio reaches 95.5% of the age 12+ populations in America.


WGCH has been reaching area listeners for decades, providing extensive local and national news along with compelling talk and sports coverage in Fairfield and Westchester counties. This is one of the most affluent business centers in the United States, with a growing population that spans all demographics. Local radio continues to be the most informative and cost efficient medium in today's ever changing world.

Although at first impression, there are hundreds of stations out there, we actually have very few direct competitors based in our hometown markets. Broadcasts originating in New York City don't carry the direct impact WGCH can produce with residents of Fairfield and Westchester counties

Some reasons local businesses choose to advertise on WGCH:

We have a history of success.
Since 1964, WGCH has been working with local businesses and helping them achieve success in their advertising campaigns.

We have listener loyalty.
A loyal WGCH listener is also loyal to our advertisers. Repeated exposure to your commercial is the best way to get your name or message out to the general public. The two things needed for repeated exposure are frequency of commercials and a loyal listener.

WGCH Radio is personal.
WGCH offers a personal touch to radio, local news, local sports, local events, and local advertising. The best way to reach the local listener is WGCH Radio.

We help you write and produce effective and professional commercials.
We write and produce effective and professional commercials that get results. They are created the way you want them to promote and sell your products and services – your message. The ultimate goal is to increase traffic and build awareness for your business.

We have a strong presence in the community.
Whether it's broadcasting live from the Greenwich Town Party or a candidate’s debate, WGCH has been in touch with the community since we first went on the air in 1964.


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