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ANYTHING GOES, airing LIVE from 4:00-5:00 PM every Wednesday on WGCH is an original comedic take on everyday hot topics with hosts Kim Berns and Bonnie Levison.

People from Fairfield County to Long Island will be happy to take a break from their routines to tune in to captivating guests and Man on the Street interviews covering the questions that are on our minds.

Kim and Bonnie have not only spent time on comedy stages and written humor for numerous publications but are moms--along with running a business in Kim's case-- and teaching storytelling in Bonnies'.

ANYTHING GOES offers candid opinions on the latest trends as well as issues that aren't necessarily being discussed in polite society and provides fresh insights that listeners will want to repeat at their next dinner party.

If something is coming up, if something is going on, you can expect it to be discussed on ANYTHING GOES, with Kim and Bonnie. Experience a whole new way to hear about what you didn't know you cared about.

Kim Bio
Rye resident Kim Berns is one half of the Kim and Bonnie team.
She is the mother of 3 boys, 12 years old and 5 year old twins.
She found her way to radio via her current comedy career doing stand up at venues such as Caroline's on Broadway and her regular performances at the Comedy Club on 2nd Avenue in NYC.
She has spent her lifetime writing, with her most recent job as a columnist for the on-line LOOP.
Her column, Kim Berns' Post Road, was mostly a humor column focusing on the perils of being a wife and mother in the suburbs.
Kim was raised north of Chicago and has a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters in Communications from Northwestern University.
She worked for 14 years in the Telecommunications Industry, mostly in regulatory work and as a lobbyist first to far-flung states like Wyoming and the Dakotas, meeting with governors and other luminaries in the attempt to bring mass communications services to under populated locations.
She moved to Washington DC to act in a senior management position as a tariffs expert and lobbyist to the FCC.
Along the way she studied Feng Shui and co-wrote a book with Queng Duc, a regular contributor to the BBC.
Following her exit from telecom, Kim started a design business, Kim Berns Design a dozen years ago and has done the offices of the SEC, and House and Garden TV. She continues to have a thriving design business in locales such as Mexico, Alexandria, VA and her former home on the Upper East Side.
She has worked on restaurants, offices and homes on the east coast.
As a child actor and former lead singer in a rock band, Kim brings to WGCH the eclectic ideas acquired via her quest to never be bored.


Bonnie Bio
Bonnie Levison is a storytelling instructor with MothShop, the outreach and corporate training program for The Moth based in New York City. She has performed stories on The Moth Mainstage and Story Slams as well as appeared on the Podcast and The Moth Radio Hour on NPR. After a career in advertising and marketing she discovered stand up comedy and co-founded the Nantucket Comedy Festival. She produces comedy and storytelling shows in Fairfield County and the New York City area. She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her 3 children who have threatened to defriend her on Facebook if she tells a story about them. She used Twitter once and it didn't end well.



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