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Better Business with Tom Maier

Airs Wednesdays 9:00am - 10:00am

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Better Business with Tom Maier is a new show dedicated to helping local business owners implement the business strategies that will help your business grow your profits and give you more Free Time and build an outstanding Team..
As a leading business advisor in CT, I feel an obligation to our state to assist and lead business owners like you out of this economic downturn by giving you the information and tools necessary to be more successful.

Each week we will discuss a specific strategy which can help your business grow. I will have guests who are some of the most successful business owners in CT.

I was born in Philadelphia and moved to Connecticut in 1983 to join Richardson Vicks International. My wife and I now have 2 sons and a daughter while living in Shelton, CT.

Since graduating Temple University, I have had the rare privilege to work with a diverse range of businesses - and with an equally diverse range of business owners!

My positions have taken me all over the world to review sales, marketing, purchasing, production, planning, inventory and warehouse functions.

In my Business Career I have been involved in Consumer Products, Manufacturing Specialty Chemicals, Telecommunications, Hotels, Liquor Stores, Concrete Manufacturing, Environmental Waste, Radio Stations and Construction Industry! I have worked as both Consultant and Coach, as Trouble-Shooter and Managing Director.

Before I joined ActionCOACH I started the network division for Executone which had 5 employees and 8 customers and took it to $65million in revenue with over 200 employees. I understand the pressures, challenges and pleasures associated with being your own boss. Becoming a Coach in early 2002 gave me the opportunity to help other business owners and entrepreneurs get amazing results…

Having been personally trained by Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, and with the support of the Action Global resources, my Coaching, Training and Development Programs are World Class. Having a Coach will be the single most positive investment you'll make in your business and yourself - all top performers have a Coach, now you can get yours…?

As a Coach with ActionCOACH my clients now range from Lawyers ,CPAs to IT, HVAC dealers, home Improvement Businesses to Sales professionals - all are making more money and working less to achieve their goals.

When you are sure you are ready to embark upon a journey to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle - achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place - it's time to get into ACTION. Call me now to arrange a free initial meeting and together we'll explore the possibilities for you and your business.

Tom Maier ActionCOACH
ActionCoach 215 Coram Ave
Shelton, CT 06484

Tel :203-763-4005



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