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Jed Petrick and Don Daniels (The Jock) first met on the little league baseball fields in Cranford, NJ too long ago to admit to…..and they have remained close friends ever since. Like most boys and then young men, they weren't just good athletes (Jed was better, he swears it), they followed and rooted for their favorite players and teams….often with great passion. Discussion and debate were a hallmark of their high school days. Ali or Frazier? Joe Willie or Daryl Lamonica? Thurman or Reggie? Jack or Arnie? The conversation seemed endless and the opinions, backed by both fact and emotion, flowed freely.

Today, the debates rage on, but the subject matter is different. Whose budget constraints are worse….Hank Steinbrenner's or Fred Wilpon's? Sign Dickey or trade him? Can Rex Ryan coach? Good natured differences of opinion for sure….and nothing but fun to beat around.

That freewheeling give and take is now here, in Fairfield and Westchester Counties as "Jed and The Jock" hits WGCH 1490 AM every other Wednesday night from 6 to 7 pm.

Sponsred by GolfNOW.com and broadcast live from the Black Bear Saloon in Stamford, Ct., our one-hour show will invite listeners to call in and share their thoughts as our conversation rolls. And we'll encourage Black Bear patrons to strap on a headset, grab the mic and participate in the conversation too.

We think the hour will fly by and our listeners will walk away with some new knowledge, reshaped or confirmed opinions and a lighter mood having laughed a little bit too.




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