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Show description:
Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow is a radio show about creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Being in healthy relationships supports our bodies, minds and communities. We all need them, we all yearn to be known, to be valued and to be loved. This radio show curates the most up to date science, writing and thinking about relationships and their importance to our well being.

Trevor Crow bio:
Pulling together all of Trevor Crow’s education and experience, a Harvard MBA, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy , a Bachelor of Science from Parsons School of Design and a blended family, Trevor has developed a world view on the importance of relationships. We all need each other, from a deep, emotional and atomic level, we are all searching to be valued, loved and understood. Our challenge in life is to bring empathy, attunement and vulnerability to our relationships both at home and in the world. When we are safe, create safe products, listen to our family or to our clients, we are more connected, able to be creative and more successful in all aspects of life. As a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, and working on becoming an EFT supervisor, Trevor brings the latest in psychotherapeutic thought to her practice. Trevor was once a competitive figure skater and now practices yoga. She has a blended family with various teenagers, a dog and a fabulous husband!




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