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My mission in life is committing myself to a fiduciary relationship to ensure that my client's interest is always first. My involvement, since becoming a CPA in 1974, has been with planning and arranging my client’s financial affairs such as their savings, retirement provisions, tax planning and generally having affairs in good financial and legal order. One of my major services today is positioning clients’ retirement assets so that they outlast the client. My knowledge, experience and expertise make me uniquely qualified to prepare plans which meet client established, agreed upon objectives using budgeting, forecasting, taxation, asset allocation, liability management and the ability to present those plans in the simplest, most understandable manner. I spend countless hours researching financial tools and products as they become available, attend classes and seminars to remain current in every subject matter of interest. My straightforward calculations are easily explained to each client’s satisfaction. Our plans deal with income and expense budgeting, asset allocation to maximize income with minimal or no risk of loss. Considering what level of income is necessary to meet living expenses today and in the future, this is a most difficult task. I take into account expected future inflation, the mix of taxable and tax-free income, taxation and the projected return on investments to advise the client about the future. Let me do just that for you today!



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