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Show Description:
Achieving work life balance is becoming increasingly difficult since there has been a shift in the workplace as a result of advances in technology. You hear about this work-life balance myth all the time. Work enough to be fulfilled and support your desired lifestyle, but not so much that you do not have the time to live your life.

Life demands of the 21st century often mean that both parents have to work at least a 40-hour week, and find the time to appropriately care for the demands of their children. But it doesn't stop there. Where you're a parent or not, male or female, single or married, high-, middle- or low-income, the challenges to achieve work/life balance are numerous and far-reaching.

Therefore, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all balance to strive for. For each individual, it is different, and it changes over ones life span. This show will therefore interview experts in the field of work/life to provide information on the obstacles influencing work/life balance, along with tips and tools to help individuals simultaneously juggle their personal and career responsibilities. These experts will represent a variety of industries including finance/investing, mental health, child and elder care, nutrition, technology, career planning, education, architecture & design, veterans, the disabled community, etc.

Lori Sokol is a Psychologist, Author, and Columnist to leading national and international publications on topics relating to work/life balance. Her work has been published in the op-ed pages of the Baltimore Sun, the Huffington Post, the NY Times Business Blog, Slate.com and Women's eNews. Her book, 'The Agile Workplace and Workforce: The New Future of Work,' (Bonnier Corp., 2011) addresses the emotional, technological, financial and corporate benefits of providing flexible work options to our nation's workforce.

Dr. Sokol works with employers to help them create and implement effective work/life techniques, resources and strategies to develop a more productive and loyal workforce. Through a variety of testing and assessments, she also coaches individuals to assist them in developing a healthier lifestyle to help them better manage their personal and working lives.




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