Marion Joyce's Consumer Talk

Air Time: 3rd & 4th Monday 9:30-10:00 am
Hosted By: Marion Joyce
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MARION JOYCE CONSUMER TALK is an extremely informative, lively talk show in which Marion Joyce has conversations with a widely diverse variety of fascinating guests who are tops in their fields and topics that concern us all. These include the latest and best in : health/medical information, travel tips and opportunities for vacations and business travel, leisure and entertainment suggestions, theater reviews, restaurant reviews, tips for family care, home care ,decorating, gardening, cooking, nutrition and kitchen related topics, shopping tips, fashion, books, and important world issues.

Marion Joyce has interviewed many of the worlds biggest celebrities and world leaders. Marion has interviewed such celebrities as Steve Martin, Frank Sinatra, Regis and Joy Philbin, Kathy Gifford, Angela Lansbury, Dean Martin, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Mantle and many others in the entertainment industry, important leaders in business and politics and many famous authors,chefs and scientists from around the world.

Marion Joyce has had the opportunity to have had very varied career experiences which enable her to get the inside scoop for her audiences. Marion Joyce has enjoyed many careers: she writes a nationally sycdicated newpaper column, she is an actress, singer, songwriter, author of cookbooks, travel books and consumer advice books for MCGraw Hill and Putnam Book Companies and movie scripts. She has a real estate license and was a teacher. Marion has Masters degrees in Education, Psychology and English. Marion has had her own radio and television shows and has appeared on all national major television and radio networks, and regional stations, as a consumer advisor, company spokesperson, author and cooking as "The Singing Gourmet". She has been a lecturer and spokesperson for various companies . Although she has done so many things, Marion feels that her biggest accomplishment, the one that has given her the most wisdom and fulfillment is her wonderful family.